Search Engine Marketing Four Simple Strategies

Search Engine Marketing Four Simple Strategies

Search engine marketing is now indispensable for any business. It works magic to grab the attention of users and stay ahead of the competitors in a quick way. Businesses now are ready to spend on SEM as they realized the potential in making more reach compared to usual business techniques.

Search Engine Marketing in China

Baidu being China’s search engine and social media channels like Weibo and WeChat, etc making their mark in China, your SEM strategy should be drafted accordingly in these lines. An expert digital marketing agency in China can help in many ways to comprehend what you exactly need to rank better on the Chinese search engine.

That said, Search engine marketing is a professional task that delivers full results when performed with thorough planning and research. But it always need not mean a costly affair. In case you are running tight on budget or wanted to equip yourself with the fundamentals of SEM, here are four simple strategies that will help you to get started.


First things first. You will have to have clarity about which geographical region you are targeting. For instance, you are an international business and want to begin your journey in Mainland China. Then your focus should be on Search Engine Marketing in China ( This is because the rules for search engines in China are entirely different from that of the rest of the world.

Besides, you should be clear if you need Local SEO or global SEO based on your business goals. This is because the SEM costs for local and Global reach differ. Also, it is essential to pave a path for keyword strategy that forms our next step.

Keyword Strategy

Keywords are the main ingredients for either SEO or SEM business. They play an important role in ranking both organically as well as through paid searches. You should choose keywords with care and by doing little research using free keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner or paid tools such as Ahrefs and Moz. Choosing the keywords and spreading them in an optimized way across the content, headlines, and the website is a great way to draw both paid and organic traffic to your website.

Care should be taken not to stuff your content with keywords. If you do otherwise, it may do more harm than good. Search engines will bring down the rank of your website and may add a penalty to you for keyword stuffing. Make sure that the content is enough optimized but not over-optimized. Write your headlines, content, and side headings, etc. for human readers and not for bots.

Search Engines

Once you fix on location and keywords, it is time now to work on search engines. Either you are planning for paid ads or choosing guest posts and backlinks, all that you work on in this stage helps in your ranking on the search engine. Search engine marketing experts in China will carve a strategy for you where you can reach more audience through paid ads. These paid ads depend on the keywords that you chose in the previous stage. Also, they form a foundation for your ranking in many ways. Ads sizes, banners, and snipetting features all come in this step and they depend on the search engine you are targeting to rank on.

Social Media

Search engine marketing does not end with only search engines and SEO. When combined SEM with social media campaigns and strategies, you can obtain more digital footprint for your website. This needs a proper selection of social media platform where you can find more number of users that will resonate with your business goals.

Besides, depending on the social media channel, the campaign ideas and strategies vary and so will your budget too. Another important aspect of social media marketing is the style in which you want to proceed.

• Would you like paid ads and reach more people?

• Do you want to leverage the influence of social media influencers?

• You intend to give away discount coupons and freebies to attract the crowd?

• Are you targeting multiple social media platforms?

• All these aspects decide the budget and success rate of your campaigns.


All these aspects are simple, and effective that will help in search engine marketing for China.

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