Some Basic Ideas About a Full-Service Advertising Agency

Some Basic Ideas About a Full-Service Advertising Agency

No matter the size of your company, you may eventually run into the situation where you need to hire the best advertising agency Austin to take over your marketing campaigns. While you can do a lot in-house, there are a lot of benefits to hiring a full-service advertising agency to take over the role of your marketing team, or to augment them, in order to get the most return on investment for your marketing budget. You just need to know what a full-service advertising agency can offer before you go to find one, and learn how to avoid the agencies that tack on extra services they aren’t proficient in (or even outsource) just to say they are full-service.

What is a Full-Service Advertising Agency?

A full-service advertising agency in Austin is an agency that is proficient and has experts in every aspect of marketing in order to offer you the full gamut of services under one roof. There are many full-service advertising agencies in the market today, and the services they should offer for digital marketing includes:

  • Web Development and Graphic Design
  • SEO, Social Media & PPC
  • Video Production
  • Public Relations
  • Media Placement and Buying
  • Copy Writing and Content Creation
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Production and Printing
  • Email & Direct Mail Marketing

In addition to all their services, the full-service advertising agency in Austin also will handle all the aspects of marketing campaigns, from initial conception, creative designing, organization, strategic planning, and marketing production. All throughout the process, they will be reporting directly to you to ensure you are all up to speed on what they are doing for you, and once a campaign has started, they will be able to give you analytical data to show the successes and failures of the campaign, and where changes need to, and will be, made.

Why Choose a single Full-Service Advertising Agency over Focused Advertising Agencies?

Before you go and decide that you need a full-service advertising agency in Austin, you need to understand exactly what you need it for so you can see if it’ll be worth your while to choose it over a more specific service-focused advertising agency. Knowing what kind of business yours is, whether it is B2B, B2C, SaaS or brick and mortar, can also help you decide, as some business types thrive in advertising specific types of media. Your past advertising can help you here as well; if you have run marketing campaigns through a wide variety of marketing media, and only found that one or two had any sort of success, then you may only want an advertising agency that focuses specifically on those mediums.

However, if you are looking to boost your company’s profile all across the board (all social media platforms, search engine advertising, print media, etc.) then hiring a full-service advertising agency in Austin may be in your best interest.

If your company is looking to find an advertising agency in Austin that can handle several different aspects of your company’s marketing, going with a full service advertising agency also saves you from the trouble of dealing with multiple agencies at once. The moment you start splitting your marketing amongst several external companies, you start to have a break-down in communications—especially if they all have to be coordinated through one person at your company while working on different aspects of the same marketing strategy.

Also, some companies want to save money on their marketing budget, and they tend to enjoy what full-service advertising agencies in Austin can offer: all the marketing covered for one contracted price.

Finding a Full-Service Advertising Agency

When on the search for a full-service advertising agency in Austin, you need to know exactly what kind of services you need first, then find an agency that can competently offer those for a price within your budget. It’s not uncommon for full-service advertising agencies to claim they offer everything, but they actually only excel at one or several services, adding on other services they are not competent in to make themselves more appealing to customers.

Like any service, you need to ensure that you research any full-service advertising agency in Austin you plan on working with. Look through the website to see who they have worked for in the past, and ask for samples of previous marketing campaigns; this gives you a glimpse of what they are capable of, and you will be able to see if it lines up with your expectations.

As well, ask them if they do all their work in-house. Hiring a full-service advertising agency in Austin only to discover that they themselves are outsourcing services defeats the purpose of going with a full-service advertising agency in the first place.

Full-Service Advertising Agency

If your company needs an advertising agency to handle all, or most, aspects of your digital marketing strategy, then hiring a full-service advertising agency in Austin may be the best option for you. Advertising agencies offering packages that include it all can save your own marketing team (or manager) a lot of stress that would otherwise come from having to juggle multiple focused advertising agencies.

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