Reasons Why Baidu SEM is the Ultimate Destination for Every Brand

Reasons Why Baidu SEM is the Ultimate Destination for Every Brand

Are you planning your marketing strategy for expanding your business operations in China? Baidu search engine marketing should have a place in your plans. It involves using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to make your business show up in the search engine results. That will enable your target audience to find your business when they use specific keywords and key phrases to search for relevant products and services, leading to increased sales for your company.

To get started with Baidu SEM (, you will need to open a paid Baidu PPC account and set up the Phoenix Nest platform to budget, set up, and optimize your advertisements.

Reasons for using Baidu SEM

Here are a few reasons why Baidu SEM is the ultimate destination for every brand in China:

Baidu has an extensive online reach

Ever since its launch in 2000, Baidu has consistently remained ahead of other Chinese search engines and has 80% of the market share. It reaches over 700 million users in China and has over 60 million viewers per day. Whatever your business, your target audience in China is likely to use Baidu, and, of course, it makes business sense to be on a platform that is immensely popular and which your target audience uses. If you have limited resources for marketing, focusing them on Baidu SEM will bring you more benefits than spreading them thin elsewhere.

Baidu can increase your online visibility

Baidu processes over 6 billion queries every day, and it is a big deal for your business to show up in the paid or organic search engine results. It means increased online visibility and heightened brand awareness. You will need to use the right keywords and phrases using the Baidu Keyword Planner and make judicious use of trending topics when you run your PPC campaigns on the Baidu Tuiguang (Baidu Adwords) platform. That will enable you to make your brand rank higher in search engine results.

You can get great exposure on Baidu with display advertisements, text advertisements, and search advertisements. Additionally, Baidu offers information feed advertisements and products such as Baidu Zhidao and Baidu Brand Zone to increase your online reach. The information feed advertisements will appear above the organic search engine in different Baidu products.

With Baidu Brand Zone, you can buy trademarked keywords and rank higher for branded terms in the SERPs. Baidu Zhidao is a user-generated question and answer forum that allows your company to set itself up as an objective source of information and also to run display advertisements on the platform.

Baidu offers competitive and flexible pricing

With Baidu PPC campaigns, the higher your bidding price, the better visibility you can expect. You can set your daily budget at account and campaign levels, and that will allow you to have more financial flexibility in your marketing. You can monitor how your advertising campaign performs and adjust and adapt your budget accordingly every day. You can also use the Yusuan LeiJi Bao tool to accumulate your leftover daily budget and reallocate it to other days to increase your search engine traffic.

Baidu allows for targeted marketing

With Baidu SEM, you can target people according to their ages, interests, occupations, locations, search behavior, buying habits, and more. That will allow you to fine-tune your advertising campaign to suit different demographics, run various campaigns simultaneously, and increase your chances of making sales.

Baidu lets you evaluate your marketing

You can review your search engine marketing results with a detailed statistical report from Baidu. It will help you to figure out which price structure will work better for you and how you ought to manage your future advertising campaigns to get maximum benefits from them.

To sum it up, Baidu is a powerful search engine, and Baidu SEM can be useful for increasing your brand profile within a short amount of time. Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, investing in it will help you to connect with the right customers and expand your business reach in China. And as it also offers an English language platform, it is has become easier for foreign brands to get started with search engine marketing.

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