How Does a Digital eCommerce Agency Works?

How Does a Digital eCommerce Agency Works?

A China eCommerce agency can offer you a range of cross-border eCommerce services to sell your products and services to consumers in China. These can include planning a market strategy, setting up an online store, setting up a Chinese payment system, integrating shipping, and managing your online business. By partnering with you to provide these services, the digital eCommerce agency will help you to resolve issues and achieve your aim of expanding your business operations in China.

How a China eCommerce agency works

While each digital eCommerce agency will have its unique method of operation and will customize its strategies for every customer, most agencies will do the following:

Conduct a project audit

The first thing a China eCommerce agency ( will do is audit your project and find out if your brand and budget meet the requirements of the top Chinese eCommerce platforms like T-Mall,, Xiaohongshu, and WeChat Store. If you do, they will inform you how to proceed with setting up eCommerce stores on these platforms. The benefit of being on these platforms is that they already have an extensive customer base, and you can get started selling directly to them.

Register the business

To open an eCommerce shop in China, you need to have proof of official business registration, and you also need to get official permission from the Chinese language. As all the paperwork is in Mandarin, it can be a hassle if you don’t understand the language. That’s why working with a China eCommerce agency is so essential. They will handle the entire registration process on your behalf and make sure that your business is complying with all the local laws.

Create an eCommerce shop website

After getting your business registered in China, the agency will work with you on planning, designing, creating, and setting up your eCommerce shop. They will take into consideration your brand values, the requirements of Chinese eCommerce, and also what is likely to appeal to Chinese consumers. They will keep tabs on eCommerce trends as well as the social and cultural trends in China and make sure that your eCommerce shop remains updated with the latest technological developments.

Manage the eCommerce shop

The China eCommerce agency will also handle the management of your eCommerce shop. They will set up payment systems and integrate shipping, and keep an eye on your inventory. They will create online advertisements and promotional campaigns to drive online traffic your way and acquire customers for your business. They will also create loyalty management campaigns to retain and convert existing customers and visitors.

Market the eCommerce shop

The agency’s creative and copywriting team will research and analyze how your competitors are faring, who your target audience is, what your consumers want, and what the market trends are. They will then create print, video, and audio content to publicize your eCommerce shop and disseminate it on various Chinese social media platforms via paid advertisements, blogs, articles, images, and videos. They will create email newsletters, QR codes, flyers, posters, and banners. They may also organize online and offline promotional events.

They will engage with consumers, interact with influencers, and start conversations about your products and services. Additionally, they will work on maintaining your digital reputation. To keep your visitors interested and your business to be ranked high in search engine results, the digital eCommerce agency will undertake frequent content updates.

A few things to keep in mind

When doing eCommerce in China, it is essential to comply with government rules and regulations. Please make sure that your products and services are legally permissible in the country. Additionally, check your content regularly and make sure that there is nothing there that anyone can construe as culturally and politically offensive in China.

It is also advisable to be careful in your social media interactions with fans, consumers, influencers, and other users. As much as possible, maintain a polite, friendly, and helpful persona, and avoid getting into public or private arguments. You are in China to make a success of your business, and that should be your sole focus. By partnering with a reputable China eCommerce agency, you will be able to make great strides and make your brand a household name.

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