Five Key Advantages of Baidu Advertising

Five Key Advantages of Baidu Advertising

As the top search engine platform in China, Baidu wields immense clout with Chinese internet users. And that is why Baidu advertising needs to be a part of your marketing strategy when you are expanding your business in China. It is one of the best ways to get your brand out there and make it more widely known. Let’s look at the five key advantages of Baidu advertising (

You will be able to get increased online visibility

Over 200 million people use Baidu multiple times every day to get information and news and keep up with trending topics. So, if you want your potential customers to notice your brand, you need to make sure that it appears in the Baidu search results. For that, you will need to select the right keywords and phrases, use eye-catching images and memorable advertising copy, and create entertaining videos. It will take regular appearances to make the viewers familiar with it, and then they will be more likely to try out your products and services.

You will be able to do targeted marketing

Although Baidu has a huge user base and could give your brand great exposure, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all going to be interested in your products and services. So, if you want to get a good ROI, you cannot expend your resources in advertising to everyone en masse. It will be more useful to research the market carefully and find people who are more likely to purchase and use your products and services. You can then target these people in your marketing and expect to get better results.

You will be able to do segmented advertising

After finding your target customers, you can fine-tune your marketing further with segmentation. That involves sectioning people according to different parameters such as ages, genders, locations, interests, hobbies, professions, incomes, buying habits, internet usages, and so on. Using this data, you will be able to create personalized advertisements for each segment, and these will be more likely to resonate positively with people.

You will be able to do affordable promotions

As compared to what you might have to shell out for search engine advertising abroad, the cost of Baidu advertising is quite reasonable. Along with offering affordable rates, Baidu can also guarantee higher traffic. In other countries, search engine advertising does not quite have the edge it once did. People have become so accustomed to advertisements that they have started to tune out and overlook or ignore many of the ones that they come across.

That is not yet the case in China. Here, if you make your advertisements enticing enough, people will take notice and click on them. And after being directed to your website, if they find your products and services useful or attractive, they will purchase them and even go on to be loyal, long-term customers.

You will be able to advertise in English

With English speakers in mind, Baidu launched an English language version of the Baidu PPC management platform. Known as Baidu Tuigang, it has proven to be very useful for foreign companies wanting to invest in search engine marketing in China. Previously, marketing was as good as impossible if you were not fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, or any of the local Chinese languages. Or, if you did not have the budget to hire a China-focused digital marketing company or a Chinese translation service.

Now, with Baidu Tuigang, you can advertise to the English speaking segment in China. And if your advertisements are interesting enough, you could even catch the attention of the non-English speakers.

As you see, your business will benefit from Baidu advertising. By being creative with your promotions, you will be able to stand out from your local and international competitors and establish yourself as a unique brand that everyone ought to aspire to get. Just make sure that you comply with the legal requirements of the Chinese government and be aware of cultural and social sensibilities. You want your potential customers to gain and retain a positive impression of your brand, and an inadvertent faux pas might ruin that. Partnering with a China-focused digital marketing agency might help.

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