Five Important Marketing Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

Five Important Marketing Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

A marketing interview is an excellent opportunity for you to gauge prospective candidates and to give them a general idea about what working for your company will entail. It is important to keep in mind though that some candidates may be better at presenting themselves in a favorable light than in doing actual work. So, don’t go by personality and articulateness alone, unless these features can be backed up with a solid track record for work.

Here are some marketing interview questions to help you make the right hiring choice:

1. How Did You Hear About This Job?

If they give the standard reply of job boards, online listings, and so on, that is fine, that is a common way of finding work especially for beginners. More experienced candidates, however, may also find jobs through the connections they have built up in the industry over the years and they may look for specific job details. If they apply for a specific job, it is because they feel it is a good fit for their abilities and offers them career advancement prospects, not because they are willing to take on any available job and then move on when a better one comes along.

You want people who will be around for a while, given the time you invest in interviewing them and particularly if you are going to use your company’s resources to provide them with tailored job training. You want people who build relationships, are competent and are trustworthy.

2. What Made You Apply for This Position?

You want to know what they know about the job they are applying for and what they know about your company. If they are beginners, have they done their research? If they are experienced, what can they bring to the table? What is their interest in the job and what do they expect out of it? Why do they think they are suitable for the position? Answers to these questions can give you an idea of what they think of their capabilities. Are they confident and self-assured that they can get things done?

3. What Did You Enjoy the Most at Your Last Job?

Such marketing interview questions seem innocuous, but help you get a better idea of a candidate’s personality. You want to know if they appreciated their previous work environment and if the work motivated them. Did they take the job because they knew they would enjoy it? What did they learn? Did they look at it as a step up in their career? What were they good at? How did they get along with their colleagues? If a candidate is too negative about their previous employment, try to gauge if it was the work that was problematic or if it is their tendency to complain. Be aware that if it is the latter, they will bring that attitude to your company and possibly mess up your work environment.

4. Why are you Looking to Change Companies?

People leave jobs and change companies for a variety of reasons. They may be looking for a better work opportunity or a better salary. Maybe their previous employer demanded too much from them. Perhaps they did not get along with their co-workers. Try not to be judgmental. What you want to know is if the candidate can take personal responsibility for their work and owning up to mistakes. You don’t want someone that has the tendency to blame everything on other people. If someone consistently has problems with their employers and their co-workers, it may indicate that it is they themselves that are difficult to get along with. If you hire them, you might end up crossing swords with them too soon. It can have a negative effect on your work environment and your other employees.

5. What do you do to stay updated about the marketing industry?

The marketing industry is continually growing and changing and incorporating new technologies. It is essential for marketing professionals to keep in touch with current events and update their skills regularly. You want to know if the candidate reads industry news and blogs, if they subscribe to leading marketing newsletters, if they are learning new technologies, if they are reading marketing books, attending marketing seminars, and much more.

Understand that the interview is a two-way process. As you are gauging the candidate, they will be gauging you too and assessing if your company will turn out to be a good place to work for. Make a good impression.

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