11 Direct Mail Marketing Secrets You Can Use Now

11 Direct Mail Marketing Secrets You Can Use Now

It is very likely that we cannot remember a moment when a direct mail set to our address was found interesting. That is the sordid case with most direct mail experiences. This helpless junk in the mail box as they are referred commonly by the recipients has always been a matter of concern for marketers.

How can you make these mails more interesting, especially for prospects opening envelops and seeing within? Why let this opportunity of drawing their interest goes into astray? Considering various ways to make direct mail more appealing here we are going to unveil11 Direct Mail Marketing Secrets You Can Use Now direct mail marketing secrets that can be used for higher conversion.

1. Make them additionally useful

Haven’t you seen people looking for scrap papers among the mail box junk to write something insignificant like a to-do list, a grocery shopping list, neighbor’s phone number, etc.? Yes, the direct mail papers and layout can be made in a way so that it remains useful even after being read or being considered trash. Than increases your chances of being read, really!

2. Offer a short and direct proposition

People have far less time to look into mails they have no idea about. So, to make use of their attention just at a glance you need to make a direct proposition without trying to build much excitement around it. If your mail takes too much time to come to the point the mail is going to be dumped and never would be read again.

3. Make the mail feel little heavy inside

Various studies and marketers experience suggests that mail envelope with a lumpy object within enjoy a near cent percent opening rate. With a heavier lumpier envelope people instantly become curious and open it. Once they open the mail you have just been through the very first step and now it is the captivating mail headline and appeal that should do the rest.

4. Increase value proposition by including a product sample

For many prospects direct mail is a sheer nuisance that immediately needs clearance. But if your mail is attached with your product sample the mail instantly is regarded with more value than the rest. With a product sample you not only make them open the envelope and take a curious look but also create a stand-alone impression.

5. Qualitative focus with creative attributes

A mass mail with a dull text is very unlikely to generate a decent conversion even though it is sent to millions of households. On the other hand a creatively crafted mail with a few thousand recipients just can produce wonder results in short time. That is the power of creative approach and qualitative focus on direct mail.

6. Offer them something useful

When your business can offer some useful promotional products or gifts to people in a trade show or as business anniversary gifts to clients, why not use such a tool as part of your direct mail campaign? Offering them something useful with the mail, whether it is a pen or a key ring or a paper clip, you can instantly make them feel valued and well attended. That makes a decent way to connect people to your business. You can further imprint those small useful items with your brand name and logo to create a better impact.

7. Customized mail content

After creating the mailing list you can research on each customer separately and accordingly make a plan of communicating them. According to the information you have on each customer preference, buying behavior and financial condition you can customize the mail content for each customer.

8. Integrate your business CRM with your direct mail campaign

You can now integrate your business CRM or customer management software with the direct mail campaign by using some handy digital services. Hand addressing is one such service that allows you to write a message to transcribe it further in handwritten letter for sending it as personalized direct mail to the customer.

9. Stand out from the crowd of junk mail

To stands out from the crowd of junk mail you have to grab attention with creative twist and make your presence felt. You can incorporate an array of creative and intelligent things in your mail to grab attention and stand out from the mass mail junks. Curated content, unconventional paper folds, punch-outs, creative designs and many such techniques can be useful.

10. Make another brand partner in your mail campaign

Sometimes partnering with another valuable brand or service your campaign gets the advantage of their established reputation and visibility. Obviously, that brand should have some kind of link with your business or product.

11. Offer a manhandled personalized feel

Most customers detest mass mails because they are not intended to any particular customer. Just consider how easily you can give them a feeling that the mails have been manhandled? There are few ways to do that. By using handwritten copy to using stamps or signature of the sender authority, you can create a personalized feel in many ways.

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